Engaser USB Rechargeable Laser Pet Toy - White

Engaser USB Rechargeable Laser Pet Toy - White

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  • Wireless Red Laser Pet Toy:
  • - Cats & Dogs Love it
  • - USB rechargeable (500+ times)
  • - Saves Time & Money
  • - Ergonomic & Tactile
  • - Looks great on your coffee table
  • - Available in Purple & White
The engaser™ from Modmong™ brings play to your pet and style to your home. Designed to fit ergonomically in the palm of your hand so you can easily entertain and exercise your dog or cat for hours of fun.

- Cats & Dogs love it!
- Ergonomic & Tactile!
- Saves time & money by rechargeing!
- Increases pet exercise!
- Pays for itself after 9 months

Cautions for laser beam: 
- Avoid direct eye contact 
- Avoid reflective beams from mirrors/glass in eye 
- Avoid prolonged beam directly on skin
- Avoid aiming beam at aircraft or stars
- Keep out of reach of young children

Wave Length 630 – 670 nm
Maximum Power does not exceed 5 mW
Class IIIa Laser Product

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