About Us

We are.....

We are a pet product company propelled by the desire to bring convenience, innovation and unique style into your home. Our goal is to eliminate those barnyard appearances that most pet products possess so you and your pet(s) can live together with unity, order and fun. 

About the name Modmong

It was derived by the word modern and the improvisational calling out of “My Little Mongrels” when greeting our two mischievous cats Magellan & Mr. Tux at the door. The dictionary states that a mongrel is “any animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types” which is exactly what happens when you bring those furry friends into your living spaces. Modmong is all about passion to unify humans and their pets to live with fun, safety and beauty under one roof. 

Our Vision

Creating and providing pet products for the home and pet that are convenient, stylish and fun.

What’s New?

We look forward to introducing our first product called the “Engaser” which is a stylish USB rechargeable red laser pointer designed for your cat or dog. We are excited to have it available online and at Mud Bay pet stores in Washington and Oregon.