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What is the name Modmong?

Where are we located and sold?

Do you sell wholesale?

What other products do you sell?

Engaser Laser Pointer & Safety

Basic Features that users benefit from.

How many hours of play will I get from my Engaser?

Basic Laser Pointer Safety Tips

What to do when your pet is irritated or hyper during or after play?

Do dogs really like lasers pointers?

Is the laser safe for my pet's or child's eye

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About Modmong

What is the name Modmong?Back Top

It was derived by the word modern and the improvisational calling out of “My Little Mongrels” when greeting our two mischievous cats Magellan & Mr. Tux at the door. The dictionary states that a mongrel is “any animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types” which is exactly what happens when you bring those furry friends into your living spaces. Modmong is all about passion to unify humans and their pets as they live with fun, safety and beauty under one roof.

Where are we located and sold?Back Top

Currently we are available at pet shows, Mud Bay Pet Stores and at

Do you sell wholesale?Back Top

Yes we do! Please visit our wholesale form for requirements. If you have questions email us at [email protected] to request a product description and price sheet. We will need a valid resellers license, link to your retail/online website showing products sold and your tax id.

What other products do you sell?Back Top

Right now we are developing other products. Please sign up on our home page to "Join the pack!" in order to receive new product updates.

Engaser Laser Pointer & Safety

Basic Features that users benefit from.Back Top

The Engaser™ from Modmong™ brings play to your pet and style to your home. Designed to fit ergonomically in the palm of your hand so you can easily entertain and exercise your dog or cat for hours of fun.

- Cats & Dogs love it

- Ergonomic & Tactile

- USB Recharging

- Increases pet exercise

- No expensive batteries

- Pays for itself in 9 months

- Saves time & money

- Great quality & lasts longer

How many hours of play do I get from my Engaser?Back Top

This all depends on how often you play with your pet. The Engager should last at least 500+ hours which is a long time without having to purchase expensive batteries.

Basic laser pointer safety tips.Back Top

Tip 1: Don't Use Laser Pointers Without Labels
Tip 2: Don't Point Laser Beams at Faces or Eyes
Tip 3: Don't Point Laser Pointers at Aircraft
Tip 4: Don't Point Laser Pointers at Automobiles
Tip 5: Don't Hold a Laser Beam on the Skin
Tip 6: Don't Point at Unidentified Objects when Astronomy Pointing
Tip 7: Don't Give Laser Pointers to Children

Note: Older children may be trusted with lower powered laser pointers if they are mature enough to understand what they can and cannot be used for. Don't encourage kids to do anything but point to objects with them.

What to do when your pet is irritated or hyper during or after play.Back Top

If your dog is over stimulated or is too hyper it might be because he really lacking their reward or that they are over sensitive. That bite of air when he misses the pointer darting across the ground may cause frustration so there are a few things to consider when playing:

When possible be sure to:
- Include treats during play to satisfy his or her need for a reward
- Discontinue play if you see your pet frustrated or overly stimulated
- Incorporate other activity such as catch, chew toys, petting or walks

The Engager is a great option for you dog but it should not be the sole activity. It is important to pay close attention to your pet’s mood and behavior and cease play when needed.

Do dogs really like lasers?Back Top

Yes they do! This all depends on your dog’s preferences to chase and activity level. Just like children not all toys get the same response so we invite you to try it out. Many dogs of different breeds love the Engaser.

Is the laser safe for my pet's or child's eyes?Back Top

The Engaser toy is a low-level laser, which is considered safe for animals and people when used in accordance to our warning label and packaging. These toys pose little to no risk to animals when used properly. Eye damage from the Engaser is unlikely since the power is within the <5 mW range. No retinal damage has been reported at these levels.